Top Four Best Travel Blog App

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If travelling already becomes your lifestyle you need to have a journal where you could share your experiences during your travel. In this era, you did not need to write your experience in a piece of paper instead you could use blog as the device to share your stories and your experience and it will be much more effective because all the people around the world could read your blog easily. Nowadays, you could do blogging from your smartphone by downloading Travel Blog App. This kind of apps will be the place where you could share your experience and share with other people who have the same hobby with you. Here are some travel blog applications that you could download:travel blog app_6

  1. Travelog

In this application, you could record your travel moments along with outstanding photos that you shot in your journey. To make you recognized by other people, you could pin your map and get sharing moments with other traveler. You will find a lot of useful information and precious stories that could inspired you to have another journey. In this Travel Blog App you could get the up to date information for other travelers around the world. This app is only available for iPhone and iPad.

  1. TripMayor

The next Travel Blog App is TripMayor that can be downloaded in platforms, android and iPhone. This is another way of recording your travel moment in a simple way. You could record your trips and journal and include your amazing photos in this simple blog design. If you love to have an Instagram, you will absolutely love TripMayor because it is kind of photo journal that you could share with your friends and other travel mates.

  1. MapQuest Travel Blog

If you prefer to have a detailed journey blog, this app is much recommended. This blog will detail your journey day by day in which places you have been visited such as your favorite restaurant, accommodation, transportation and interesting activities that you have. Another best thing about this app is that this app could work online and offline. So, when you are in the middle of nowhere in your journey you could still record your journal. This app only can be downloaded in iPhone or iPad.

  1. Trevi

The last Travel Blog App is Trevi. It has its own uniqueness compared with other kind of travel blog. If you like to share your journey with amazing photos, this app will make sure that your photo will be the center of the stage. Your photos will be organized rendering to the visited country and the miles that you take will be accumulated on the map. So, people will know how far that you travel around the country. This app is only available in iPhone and iPad.

When you need an app that could help you record your journey, you should use Travel Blog App that is suitable with your blogging style. You could share your amazing photos and record your extraordinary journey from your phone. It is a handy application so you could do blogging anywhere.

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